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One Direction are MTV’s Stars of 2013

One Direction are MTV's Stars of 2013

One Direction have been named MTV’s Stars of 2013. The boyband won the title after getting 40.8 million votes worldwide in the #MTVstars social media campaign. One Direction barely beat Justin Bieber, with Justin claiming 40.5 million votes. After hearing of their win, the Liam Payne Tweeted: “We’ve just found out that you voted us top of the list for the MTV’s…

Usher Promises New Music At “Top Of The Year”

Usher Promises New Music At "Top Of The Year"

Usher is promising fans some new music in 2014.  In an interview with MTV News, the R&B superstar revealed that he plans to release new tracks “at the top of the year.”  While he didn’t give too much away, he did say that he’s been working hard in the studio to prepare the new tunes. …

Taylor Swift Helps Fulfill Dying Girl’s Wish

Taylor Swift Helps Fulfill Dying Girl's Wish

Taylor Swift is helping to make a dying girl’s final days very special.  The country-pop superstar took part in a FaceTime chat with Laney Brown last Friday, on the girl’s eighth birthday.  Laney has leukemia, and is not expected to survive the week.  But one of her last wishes was to meet the singer.  An…

Katy Perry Tells 1D’s Niall To Steer Clear Of Girls In Spanx

Katy Perry Tells 1D's Niall To Steer Clear Of Girls In Spanx

Katy Perry is sharing a little of a conversation she had with One Direction’s Niall Horan that’s fueling speculation about the nature of their relationship.  In an interview with BBC Radio 1, the pop star first set the record straight that her friendship with Niall is purely platonic.  Katy, who is very much involved with…

What’s It Say Monday (12/23/13)

What's It Say Monday (12/23/13)

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What’s Your Christmas Tradition?

What's Your Christmas Tradition?

(LaRae) Today is what the boys and I call “Christmas Eve Eve”.  This means that tonight we will drag the mattresses out into the living room (I am old, I can’t handle the floor) and we will sleep under the Christmas tree lights.  Of course, we will watch Polar Express and eat snacks before we…