Don’t Count on Amazon Drone Delivery…

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(Brent) By now… you’ve seen this video.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on Amazon, and I’m not saying this will never happen. But in the next 5 years? You’re kidding yourself. It’s awesome to have big ideas… but we do live in reality. More than ever before, people love to sue. It’s inevitable something will happen. As much as it’s avoided, planes still crash. Trains de-rail. What happens when one of these drones loses power and falls from the sky? What happens when said drone falls on someone’s head? What happens when said drone falls on someone’s windshield and causes a fatal traffic accident. The affected parties will sue. And they’ll settle for millions of dollars.

Basically, Amazon will need to get to a point where insuring and maintaining these bad boys costs less than actually delivering packages by drone. When it’s profitable, it will go. I have no doubt the technology is there. The logistics are the details we’re waiting on.

Until then, it’s cool to think about, though… isn’t it?

This article was written by Brent