Is Your Elf on the Shelf naughty or nice?

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(LaRae)  A couple of years ago a little elf from the North Pole showed up at our front door.  Our boys named him Peter.  Peter is tons of fun for our boys, but tons of work for mom.  He always leaves me a mess to clean up.  Some how we ended up with a mischievous elf on the shelf.  It must be because we have boys in the house.  Peter made his return this year on December 1, and so far has been behaving himself.  However, I am just waiting for the mischievous Peter to show up…..

Here are some examples of Peter’s handy work.  I would love to see what your elf on the shelf is up to and to know if you have a naughty or nice elf at your house.  Please let me know.

Peter gets busted…

Peter trying to escape with syrup. Busted by the Lego Cops.

How not to use a copier….

Peter photo copying himself and hanging the pictures up.

Peter fishing without a license…

Peter fishing in the goldfish tank.

Peter wraps the boys….

Peter wrapped the boys doors.

Peter is x’s….

Peter playing Tic Tac Toe with Santa in the bathroom.

Peter the mustache bandit….

Peter making funny faces on the boys pictures.

Peter catches a cold at the North Pole….

Peter even got sick one day.

Peter talks….

Peter did leave a message for the boys.

Peter gets the meaning of Christmas….

Peter does make up for it all when he does something like this. Reading the story of Jesus’ birth from the Bible.





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